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tgo windshield ethanol washer fluid (Ladies care)

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 tgo Chemical Brand not only minimizes harmful chemical ingredients, but suggests eco-lifestyle while considering human and environment together.


 What is the difference between normal washer liquid (methanol)?

 Because of its powerful toxicity, when you inhale or contact with methanol, it can cause dermatitis and visual blindness, and can cause you severe damage to your central nerve system.

 Absorbed Methanol converts to Formaldehyde in the liver, and it undergoes the process of oxidation into formic acid. Those processes are abnormally faster than general metabolism, so it makes body lose its balance.

 Feel So Good Ethanol Washer Liquid is not a methanol or industrial ethanol, but a premium product using ‘natural fermentation ethanol’ which is used for cosmetics or drugs.

 It is safe since it does not generate Formaldehyde even if you inhale or contact with this.


 Premium Ethanol Washer Liquid for woman promises clear driving with excellent detergency.

 With natural scent of roses in charming rose pink color, you can use this product comfortably for your family. 


-Safe Ethanol Washer Liquid

 The main ingredient is ethanol using nanomaterial and natural pigment. It is safe since it does not generate Formaldehyde even if you inhale or contact with this. 


-Innovative nano-solution 

 Nano-size micro washing particle improve detergency. Moreover, it is safe since Nano washing particle naturally be expelled even if our body absorbs. 


-Fresh natural fragrance added 

 This product gives you aroma effect and comfort. Experience pleasant driving. 


-Prevent diffused reflection. Clear sight 

 When you drive, it prevents windscreen from contamination of road. Securing clear sight, your driving becomes more comfortable and safe.


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Tgo ethyl alcohol wind shield washer fluid

Tgo ethyl alcohol wind shield washer fluid